About RationalWise and Our Approach

About RationalWise

We’ve focused on personal self development for many years and in various capacities.  We’ve helped co-workers and have trained individuals in specific self-help applications of REBT and CBT to help them improve their lives.  

Our sensible approach to personal self development

You can look around and it won’t take long to discover there are as many definitions and approaches to self development as there are the individuals speaking about it.

Many personal self-development approaches jump right into professional development and career advancement, focusing on resume building, getting trained in new job skills and other activities to enhance your professional growth and career.

Our approach is much more broadly focused, being applicable in all areas of your life. With our approach, you’ll establish awareness and knowledge of the thinking behind successfully managing your life, learning to adjust your thinking to clear the path to your own personal self development journey by removing the roadblocks preventing you from reaching your goals.

Changing your thinking is within your control

As we think, we feel. And as we feel, we do.

If we want to change what we do and change what we feel, we need to challenge and change the way that we think.

This may sound harder to understand than it really is.

Much of what we offer is about changing how you decide (yes…it IS a decision) to look at things. We base our approach on practical, sensible, evidence-based rational information and tools.

We won’t tell you what to think. you decide that. We’ll teach you how to find sensible answers for yourself.

Changing how you think changes what you do

Life is about what we do, and your actions and behaviors start with what you think and how you feel.

If your thinking is leading you to emotional upsets, your behaviors will reflect that as well.

Then, when you behave in certain ways, you’ll have subsequent thoughts and emotions based upon your actions as well.

Changing what you do, also changes how you feel and think

Are your feelings working for you or against you? Today, you may limit yourself with fears and frustrations, which completes a playback loop that may prevent you from accomplishing the direction you want to take in life.

Managing your emotional health is therefore key to taking your life into positive directions.

CBT Cognitive Triangle

 Turn down the mental noise and turn up the good stuff!

The end effect of what we offer is less self-harassment and more of the good stuff, like self-confidence, better decision-making, and handling problems without losing your direction.

It’s worked for us, and for others

The methods we teach are easy to understand. The results we’ve experienced in our own lives and what we’ve seen occur in the lives of others are surprising, if not amazing.

We have collectively been using and teaching these self-help methods for quite a long time, and have seen many people make very positive changes to their lives as they learn how to manage their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We’d like to share these methods, concepts and tools with you. We want you to experience and enjoy the same positive outcomes and benefits in your life that we have in ours.

How we do it

We provide practical tools and concepts to help you find a life philosophy that is in line with your values. These concepts and tools are methods that are not only proven but we have used ourselves. We are not strangers to the challenges that life has.

These proven methods have been used in practice and developed over decades. With the use of these methods you can develop skills that are lasting and effective. Your personal development in finding contentment in life is a goal we want you to obtain.

Through our personal journeys we have used these philosophies and seen the effectiveness first hand. Putting these same tools in your hands is something we feel passionately about.


Our Inspiration

Over the years we have been asked the same question many times by people who have been exposed to these methods and materials.

“Why don’t they teach this to everyone?”

We’ve been baffled by this question as well. 

By comparison to other personal development methods, we believe there’s a huge gap that just isn’t addressed, and many young adults end up confused because they haven’t been given the tools to understand themselves.

Now, we’re working to make these methods easily available to anyone interested in learning and applying them to their own personal development journey.


Our “Why”

We believe young adults have the right to empower themselves to live satisfying lives according to their own values and we’re looking to provide them the concepts, tools, and methods to allow them the freedom to do just that.

Each of us has introduced many new self-helpers to these methods, and we’ve received many positive comments from those who have applied these methods to their personal lives and situations.

We’re amazed by the progress made by those who have used this set of methods.

If you’re interested in starting your personal development journey, we believe what’s worked for us (and others) is a great place to start.




The self-help information on this website is for purposes of information and education, not psychotherapy or counseling. Self-help may be useful, but should not be considered a substitute for professional help. Emotional and behavioral disturbances may be debilitating and dangerous. You should not hesitate to seek professional help: if you have thoughts of killing yourself or harming others; if you feel depressed, anxious, guilty or down on yourself frequently, suffer from anxiety; if you are abusing substances; if your performance or interpersonal relationships are seriously impaired.