Top 15 Limiting Beliefs Quotes: Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs quotes about thoughts and beliefs that limit what you do. They snuff out and replace any motivation you may have, preventing you from taking action.

Limiting beliefs are a roadblock to your pursuit of the things you want to achieve and have in your life. Identifying and disputing these beliefs are a key element of your personal self-development journey.


 Do just once what others say you can’t do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again.” ― James Cook

Concerning yourself with what other people think or say is one of the sources of limiting beliefs. Just because someone else thinks and/or says that you can’t do something, does that make it true?


 Learning too soon our limitations, we never learn our powers. — Mignon McLaughlin

If you allow limiting beliefs to have control over what you do or don’t do, you’ll never have the opportunity to discover what you CAN do.


 Do the uncomfortable. Become comfortable with these acts. Prove to yourself that your limiting beliefs die a quick death if you will simply do what you feel uncomfortable doing. ― Darren Rowse

Doing something new or different (no matter what it is) has a certain degree or level of discomfort to it. Yes… it’s new, it’s strange, and it’s not what you’re used to. So what? Achieving your goals and getting to where you want to be involves challenging your limiting beliefs, stepping outside your comfort zone, and going after what you want.


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 We are put on this planet only once, and to limit ourselves to the familiar is a crime against our minds. — Roger Ebert

We only have one life to live. How we live it and what we achieve is our own personal decision and choice. The only limits are those which we place upon ourselves.


 Argue for your limitations, and sure enough they’re yours. ― Richard Bach

When arguing in favor of your self-imposed limitations, you’ll win the argument! History has shown that when one argues AGAINST those limitations, great things happen.


 They say misery loves company, but so does mediocrity. Don’t let the limiting beliefs of OTHERS limit what’s possible for YOU. — Hal Elrod

Just because someone says that you can’t do something, does that make it true? The world is full of examples where others have been proven wrong.

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 Courage is your natural setting. You do not need to become courageous, but rather peel back the layers of self-protective, limiting beliefs that keep you small. — Vironika Tugaleva

You are born courageous. Picture a baby first trying to stand up. I’ve yet to see one succeed on the very first try. Then, picture a toddler and his/her first attempt to walk. Again, I’ve yet to see a successful first attempt. Did they give up? No! The instances of failure that they encounter does not stop or limit them. Instead, they courageously continue the active pursuit of accomplishing what they’re set out to do, going after what they want until their goal is reached.

 You have the power in the present moment to change limiting beliefs and consciously plant the seeds for the future of your choosing. As you change your mind, you change your experience. — Serge King

As we think, we feel, and as we feel, we do. If you want to change what you do or change what you feel, you can explore, identify, challenge and change the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


 All too often we’re filled with negative and limiting beliefs. We’re filled with doubt. We’re filled with guilt or with a sense of unworthiness. We have a lot of assumptions about the way the world is that are actually wrong. — Jack Canfield

People tend to believe what they hear themselves say, which often results in us becoming our own worst enemy. The assumptions we place on ourselves frequently have no basis and are often simply not true. They’re hardly ever something on which to base your decisions and life choices.


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 Chronic self-doubt is a symptom of the core belief, ‘I’m not good enough.’ We adopt these types of limiting beliefs in response to our family and childhood experiences, and they become rooted in the subconscious… we have the ability to take action to override it. — Lauren Mackler

Limiting beliefs are those that you’ve convinced yourself to be true without any hard evidence that they are true. “I’m not good enough???” Says who?


 It is our interpretation of the past, our limiting beliefs, and our undigested pain that stop us from being able to move forward with clear direction. — Debbie Ford

The way in which you interpret yourself, others, and the world can prevent you from taking actions on where you want to be in your life. Identifying and challenging your limiting beliefs will clear the path for you to move forward in the pursuit of your life ambitions and goals.


 There are stories we take on from our culture, and there are stories based on our own personal history. Some of those stories lock us in limiting beliefs and lead to suffering, and there are others that can move us toward freedom. — Tara Brach

There’s a saying, “Only believe half of what you hear.” The trouble comes in when deciding which “half” to believe! Very often, your own self-talk and limiting beliefs have the loudest voice, keeping you locked into a life where you’re not necessarily happy.


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 Are you a fortune-teller? A clairvoyant? If not, why anticipate the worst for yourself? We predict events will turn out in a negative way because our self-beliefs are limiting. — Maddy Malhotra

“I can’t do that!” is something we often tell ourselves. Again, says who? If you think about it, we’re sure you can identify MANY things that you may have told yourself, “I can’t do that!” which you’re now doing.


 Empowering beliefs are ideas that launch us forward and help us to become the person we want to be. Empowering beliefs are freeing, encouraging, and inclusive; they nurture and uplift. When we find ourselves harboring a limiting belief, we need to replace it with one that cultivates joy. ― Laurie Buchanan PhD

Limiting beliefs won’t get you where you want to be; they’re holding you back, keeping you from taking the actions to get you to the life that you want to have. But they don’t have to! You have the choice and the power to change your limiting beliefs to empowering ones.


 If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you. — Louise Hay

As you think, you feel. And as you feel, you do. This applies to the other side of the spectrum as well, where you think, feel and DON’T do! If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, it eventually becomes correct, becoming a self-imposed limiting belief that you’ve ingrained into yourself as being true.


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